what is two years? really.
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It’s been almost two years since my last post.

what is two years?

• If I was a baby, I’d be walking.

• It’s half the time it took me to complete my college education

• It’s the average length of your mobile phone contract.

• If you shaved your head, in two years it would have grown about 12 inches.

it’s a frikin’ long time.


Well, I’m back. I make no promises, but I will try to be less, you know…invisible.

Here are the main things that happened since 2011. (in no particular order, because it’s been so long, that I forget the chronological sequence)

• We bought a house which is now reduced to dirt.  It will be (hopefully in the next century) our dream house.

• I was commissioned to paint 70 LARGE paintings for Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa.  8 weeks, painting around the clock. Exhausting, yet exciting.

• My kids roll their eyes more often, and apparently, I am no longer cool.

• I have more gray hair, however, it has grown about 12 inches since I last wrote in here!

• AND….I learned that it is easy to forget a password if you haven’t used it in two years.










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Maite currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two children. She is active in the Art Community in Southern California, and volunteers her time to help children and give back to the community.

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  1. Maite, hang in there! Keep charting your thoughts, visual notations and dialogue (words of wisdom from your kids, family, friends and work crew). Your world will change right before your eyes. Breath often.

  2. Hurrah! Welcome back. The world has been breathlessly waiting…

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