art6 is a group of six women artists with six visions, six different styles, and one passion: Painting. Our styles vary from realism, to landscapes, from whimsical to the total abstract. From oil to acrylic to collage.

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People have always been my subject of choice, from doodling the nuns during 3rd Grade math class to my current fascination with deconstructing and rearranging the architecture of the human face.

I am drawn to rich vibrant color and I love the juxtaposition of quirky subjects rendered with a sense of sophistication. My paintings are narrative (love a good story) and whimsical, with layers of cryptic messages scratched into the surface. Even a few of those pesky 3rd Grade math symbols occasionally find their way into my art.

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Painting is a balancing act: a test of intuition, a squinting gut reaction to design, a serendipitous juggling of skill, luck, mood, and the limitations of pigment and bristle on board or fabric. And somehow a little of this comes together in places, sometimes miraculously in a whole piece. When a painting is finished, it feels as if it came from someplace–from somebody–else, and now has a life of its own.

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Painting is an emotional escape.

A vivid dream, a surreal moment, an intense sensation, each and all
will incite and inspire me to create.

Using a variety of mediums, oils, chalk pastels, charcoal, pencil and drippings of water; I draw, I mix, I scratch until little by little through
a fusion of strokes and colors the painting reveals my mood,
feelings and emotions.

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Creativity is a funny thing: it’s not always a bright flame burning inside me. But when it’s there it’s such a thirst, a hunger, a longing, that I cannot ignore it. I create many things – pottery, jewelry, sculpture – but I choose to focus on painting. It is the joy in expression and my reverence for nature that flows from my brain, from my heart, from my soul, down my arm and through the palette knife onto the canvas.

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I love having a paint brush/palette knife in my hand, and creating colors. I paint to describe the connection between objects. And, if I don’t like what I see, I edit!

My thrill is exploring all that there is in my color world.

My dream is to continue searching for ways to express the color I want to see.

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The process of painting, more than the painting itself, is what moves me the most and what inspires me to create.

The constant changes that I make to the canvas, the different stages, the endless interactions of the elements, that continuous evolution, which at one moment finally settles to a point of balance.