At the end, It’s about the process.
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My friend Kelly started a blog and that reminded me that I have this one. ;) (go visit her)

For the Q&A page I started what seems a gazillion years ago…

When you start to paint a piece, do you have images or ideas in your head of what you want it to look like or does it just develop on it’s own?

I’m thinking all day. I think about paintings, and techniques, and colors, sizes, compositions. ALL.DAY.LONG. sometimes I wake up at night and think of a new approach or idea.

So yes, I do have ideas in my head about what I want to paint, and about what I think it will look like. This changes constantly (before I start painting) as my approach to it changes too.

First and foremost, I have to feel it. It sounds so cliché, but it’s true. I have to be somewhat moved by something in order to start a painting. Next, I have to feel challenged. I don’t like to paint when it seems easy or as if I’m just going through the motions.

So I start with an idea, but as I begin I let it take shape and the process to take over; “happy accidents” and sometimes not so “happy”, so it develops as I go along. Many times, It does not look anything like what it did in my head. I have learned to embrace this. Let go of the original idea and let it become something else. Sometimes it happens that when it reaches that point (of how it was “supposed to look” )I’m not satisfied or I don’t feel it is “resolved” so I keep going, and going, and going. I have been known to paint over on the same canvas for weeks. The process is mostly what get’s me most excited, energy flowing, challenges rising, until that perfect moment where it seems it’s finally all in place.


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Maite currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two children. She is active in the Art Community in Southern California, and volunteers her time to help children and give back to the community.

6 Responses to "At the end, It’s about the process."

  1. about time.
    i mean… so happy to see you paying attention to your blog again. And love getting inside your head to see what makes you tick.

    please keep writing. :)

  2. “let go of the original idea and let it become something else” – this is soooo hard! not just in art but in life.

    glad you’re back!

  3. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Thanks Kelly!
    It took me a while to get to that point but it’s liberating, and it if you don’t, the creative process becomes stagnant.

  4. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    :) thnx. I figure I have a good 20 questions to go through, so I think you’ll be getting tired of me.
    I can’t wait to read YOUR next entry!

  5. O, heaven help us… letting go. This is my mantra this year: Let it come, let it go. Why do we feel we have to control and run everything? Another of those yin-yang balancing acts, but particularly for women, no? Keep it coming, let the words come, and keep on keeping on!

  6. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    @Bronle: I’m going to be watching you closely, making sure you let go. :)

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