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Have you ever asked yourself…

“Do I want people to know exactly who I am, or do I work on the image they are expecting of me?”

I have.

The thing is…I want everyone to know who I am. What makes me laugh, what irritates me, what makes me happy, and how I live my life. That’s why I have this blog, that’s why I post on Facebook and (when I remember my password) on Twitter.

I spent most of my life being careful of appearances, of what was appropriate, what was not. One day I woke up and realized that there is no point in wanting to appear a certain way if at the end you are masking your true essence. Lately, this question has come up often…in my head…along with other unnecessary gibberish (but that’s another story) As I continue to be more public with my work, I’ve wonder if  it’s “appropriate” to post what I post, to say what I do and to let so many people into who I am.

I think I’ve concluded it is, here’s why:

1. If you are going to own one of my paintings, I want you to get to know me, to know something about me…not some “pompous mask” of who I should be..le artist.

2. I want you to know that I take my work very seriously and though I am a complete dork outside my studio, in there I am very focus, dedicated and committed.

3. I got nothing for number 3 but leaving it at 2 seemed  incomplete.


About the author: Maite Benito Agahnia

Maite currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two children. She is active in the Art Community in Southern California, and volunteers her time to help children and give back to the community.

10 Responses to "This is me."

  1. Not sure why you always say you are a dork. Hmm.

    Sounds like you reached that wonderful time in life when you came to the age you were meant to be. The age when you felt completed somehow, comfortable being you. Not completed as in ossified, quit growing, set in your ways… just feeling like you had hit your stride and could quit with the teenaged angst about what people thought. Great! (Why the French recognize the je ne sais quoi of the “woman of a certain age.” No joke!)

  2. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Thanks Bronle. I guess I have. It feels good.

  3. I know that I look up to you because you do know who you are. and you live it fully. you’re so cool.

  4. Kris McMillan says:

    Maite, I read your blog, and I feel your love and your presence . . . I smile and think of how I love you . . . See you soon? xoxox

  5. I like the “me” you are. The dork and the artist. Truth is, it’s largely your fault I’m on this path of art appreciation, and especially abstract art. Knowing who the artist is makes art approachable, for us mere mortals. I thank you for that.

  6. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Thanks Meg, you are pretty awesome yourself!

  7. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Kris. Xoxo

  8. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Thanks Kelly. I’m glad you are on this path and that in spite of my dorkiness you like me. :) “I’m really good at that”

  9. Maite, eres sensacional! Me encanta tu personalidad, espontanea, libre y natural! Tu obra refleja tu esencia, felicitaciones! un gran abrazo, Malena

  10. Mark Morgan says:

    Dearest Maite, I just want you to know that while i haven’t been too visible on the cyber-social-scene lately (read mainly flickr) I see you out here and you are a continual source of inspiration for me. Your work and the way you put yourself out into the world is a delight. I understand about wanting to communicate the true self without any carapace standing between and from where i stand – you are doing beautifully.

    Love love your work. Cheers, my friend and thinking of you.

    Best Regards – M

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