and the winner is….
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I wish I could have done a second (or 3rd or 5th..) take, but it has to be legit, so I sound so scattered, though that’s no different than what I’m really like…excuse the dorkyness.

Thanks again, and keep reading to see my answers to your awesome questions. I will answer all of them, just have patience. :) we go:


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Maite currently lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two children. She is active in the Art Community in Southern California, and volunteers her time to help children and give back to the community.

7 Responses to "and the winner is…."

  1. Now you’re just being cruel. :)

  2. you’re such a dork.

  3. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    but you won Matt!! why cruel?

  4. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Sorry Matt. The video was not playing!

  5. Ahhh, now I can see you and hear you when you forget to stalk me! It’s like virtual stalking, I can put it on a loop!!

  6. no way!!
    okay this is ridiculously cool.

    and matt, you would be blue:)

    big smiles here in canada this morning!!!

    i am the luckiest girl ever:)

  7. Maite Benito Agahnia says:

    Yay! A happy home! Email me your address to:

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