Originally from Mexico City, Maite has had to shift gears into different languages and cultures throughout her life. She divides her artistic expression equally fluently, moving between ways of seeing the world around her, as well as between different mediums: print-making, drawing, watercolor, painting, photography, and encaustic. Her focus has been creating hybrid combinations of these.

Maite’s background in graphic design and photography is evident in her paintings. Using the constraints of graphic design and photography in contrast with the freedom of abstraction, keeps her work balanced and in harmony. This juxtaposition pushes her to explore the relationship between the two, using them to complement each other in her work.

Maite’s work is rich in layers of color and texture. Her constant exploration with new ideas and materials keeps her work fresh and exciting.



Through my work, I explore the idea of transformation and rebirth. The evolution of an original concept into something, at times, completely different. That is exactly my purpose. I become one with the process. The challenges and the “accidents” are what I find most provoking, and although at instances unsuccessful, they eventually mutate into a new intention.

Because the process of each is unique, working in different media pushes me to use the varied responses of different materials in my development. This allows my work to be varied in style, yet always showing my deep interest in texture, color and abstraction.

My work is the dialog between my soul, mind, instinct and materials. It has a purpose and meaning for me. However, my goal is for the finished piece to become vulnerable to interpretation. I would like my work to have an individual connection and meaning to each viewer.