Maite Benito Agahnia’s parents always encouraged her to think broadly, to create, and to develop her artistic talents. Maite has spent her life as a citizen of the world. As a child she lived in Spain, Canada and Mexico until her high school years when the family moved from her native Mexico to live in the United States.

The ability to shift gears into different languages and cultures has served Maite well. She divides her artistic expression equally fluently, moving between ways of seeing the world around her, as well as between different mediums: print-making, painting, photography, collage, and encaustic. Most recently, she has developed bodies of work using hybrid combinations of her favorite media. She is currently using mixtures of encaustic and photography, collage and painting, and monotypes and painting.

Maite earned a BA in Art from San Diego State University, and then went on to establish and run her own graphic design firm for 10 years, while simultaneously pursuing her passion for painting. She has always enjoyed the contrast between the freedom of abstract painting against the order and constraints of design. This juxtaposition pushes her to explore the relationship between the two, using them to complement each other and experiment with design elements in her abstract work.

She currently lives with her husband and 2 sons in Southern California.


Creating is an outpouring of self: there is almost nothing as personal as to allow an audience into your deepest essence through your expression of art. For me, that essence comes out mostly during the actual process.

I enjoy the constant evolution of a piece. The changes, the challenges, and the “accidents” that emerge are what feed my creativity.

I like working in different media because the process for each is unique. I enjoy the varied responses of different materials, but what I find most provoking is the search for that abstract quality that can make a viewer pause, question, and wonder.